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  1. K

    Model 3 production guidance extrapolation

    Based on current guidance of 1k/week in week 1 January, 2500/week by end of March and 5000/week by End of June, model 3 production in H1 2018 looks like to be around 73.8k. With current production lines producing 5000/week in H2(130k in 26 weeks) and new production lines being built, 2018 full...
  2. thredge

    What Investing Brokers Does Everyone Use?

    So I haven't done any investing before in funds or markets, and currently trying to learn what I can. With all the people I see talking about their shares of TSLA, I was wondering what Brokers are being used, and any platforms or if some are still going the real person route.
  3. TrevP

    Earnings Call - 2016 Q1 (5/4/2016)

    Earnings call information will be posted here after the call on Wednesday May 4 2016.