Jeda - Top Tesla Accessories
  1. Jman18

    White interior conversion

    Does anyone who where to source white door panels and the white dash strip? I want a white interior with my black seats. Thank you for the time.
  2. $ Trillion Musk

    Love Tesla, but their interiors...

    I've been a Tesla fan since 2009 when I first saw the Model S prototype in person and sat in a few Roadsters. There's no doubt in my mind that their products are superior to anything else on the market in many aspects, including charging network, battery technology, efficiency, performance...
  3. E

    How well does White Interior hold up over time? Any tips/recommendations?

    Title says it all, please feel free to link photo's/products. Also, is anyone interested in buying the white dash?
  4. A

    Review of EV Tuning Stage 1 Package (Pics)

    Hey guys - here is my review on Intro-Tech full set of All-Weather floor mats for my White Model 3. They look really great and best part they fit perfectly in the car. I even love the design on the mats its Hexo shape which looking really nice. I added a few pics below. Regarding the Abstract...
  5. P

    Cloth/Textile seats?

    Hey everyone. New user here, but I've been following Tesla since the beginning (got some stock at a great price!) and EVs in general since the GM EV1 was introduced in the mid 1990s. I live in a desert so am wanting a) light-colored interior and b) textile/cloth/something-porous seat material...
  6. O

    Like Tesla: Aftermarket White Seats

    Kim from Like Tesla is buying an aftermarket white seat/interior. Thoughts on waiting for Factory White vs installing a T Sportline White? I also noticed a T Sportline referral program URL is included in the video's description. $100 off $500+ purchase.
  7. John Slaby

    Calling all 3 reservationists who want the White Interior

    I have asked Tesla about adding an option in the Configurator 'Hold' page to indicate you are waiting for the white interior, or at least to have an 'Other' category that you could use. As I know there are others like me, I wanted a way to let Tesla know the level of interest in the white...
  8. n0mad17

    White Interior Availability

    Update 4/8/18: Elon has responded to a tweet mentioning that the white interior will come about as they hit 5k/week production, estimated to be around July. Similar timing as the dual motor version. I will be abandoning the white interior as I don't want to wait that long. Has anyone heard...
  9. Roger Pressman

    What Model 3 Accessories Would You Like to See?

    At Evannex, we now get hundreds of inquiries every month from future Model 3 owners who want to know what accessories we have planned for Model 3. It’s almost as if people on the reservation list are so excited about their reservation that they want to make it real by accessorizing—even before...
  10. Kizzy

    Model 3's Non-Leather Steering Wheel

    After learning that Model S and X have leather steering wheels as standard, I was concerned about what the Model 3 would have. Though some folks have requested vegan steering wheels for their cars, it was hard for me to imagine the same for the Model 3. I sent an email to Tesla sales to ask for...
  11. F

    Speedometer and critical displays

    Anyone notice, there was no speedometer, or turn signal indicators, odometer, battery meter, warning lights etc? Only the center display, if they plan to try and pack everything in one screen, I think it's a HUGE mistake, and would be very distracting and uncomfortable watching your speed...
  12. MelindaV

    Interior trim

    The Alphas had the dash and center console trim matching, if it were wood or white (and presuming if other trim colors were an option they would as well) But to date, all RCs and now the spied production cars have all had the brown wood dash trim and gloss Piano Black center console trim...
  13. K

    Question about interior dashboard

    Hi! I'm new to this forum and just placed a reservation on the car! I've been a fan of Tesla for a long time and was waiting for the right time for a more affordable option! One big question I have is that Model 3 doesn't have a drivers' dashboard/screen for the speedometer, etc. Is it not...
  14. Dennis van der Pool

    Red vs Silver

    Hi, i'm having a hard time choosing the color for my Model 3. During the reveal i was WOW about the matte black and wanted that one. One day later i decided matt black is not going to be it due to maintenance involved. The other colors shown so far: * Red * Silver * Blue Between the red and...
  15. MelindaV

    2-tone seat/interior

    This morning there was a posting on Teslarati talking about HUD they had seen in the new Mazda CX-9 and what the writer was expecting/hoping the Model ☰ will have in comparison. But no photos were of the CX-9's HUD were included so I went looking for photos. The HUD pix were not impressive...
  16. Englander

    Will Model 3 have Power Seats?

    How likely is it that Model 3 will have power seats as standard? Here in the UK power seats are mostly restricted to high-end cars, but they seem much more common on cars in the USA when we've been on holiday there. So does that make power seats "essential" for the home market? Do you think...