interior lights

  1. AO - Pete

    Ultra-Bright Light Bundles

    Hi all, sorry we've been a bit quite on the forum of late. By popular request, we've put together some value bundles for our ultra-light lights, you can see them here: You'll see there's two bundles for Model 3, the only difference being that the...
  2. Djgabriel2004

    Ambient light Upgrade M3

    As everyone knows Ambient light in Tesla is not the best so I decided to Upgrade the Foot well lights with Abstract ocean ones, however after a few days driving it with them i felt that it needed a little bit more. There's easy ways to hook up 12v wire in a regular car but not in Tesla and the...
  3. J

    Interior Lights Dim

    Hey Guys, Anyone else notice that the M3 interior 4 small circle lights on the roof are extremely dim? Does anyone know if there is any way to replace these LEDs? I can barely read anything inside the car at night. Anyone else have this problem?