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  1. Duliban Insurance Brokers

    Tesla Insurance Prices for Ontario

    We have been able to provide many users of this forum quotes on their Tesla's, some we were able to save some were better staying where they are - everything depends on your driving record and current rates. Our program is designed to offer big savings when you are looking to combine your home...
  2. thecatdad

    The guide to Model 3-friendly insurance (Americas)

    So based on Tesla's service history, is there a need for auto insurance that differs from the ordinary? Do you think model 3 owners will receive a model 3 loaner if his car is taken for service overnight? Will the 24 hour roadside service extend to M3 owners? I'm sure small-scale collision...
  3. Duliban Insurance Brokers

    Insurance Discounts For All EVs (Ontario, Canada)

    Duliban Insurance Brokers has partnered with the Electric Vehicle Society of Ontario to provide a unique group plan for owners of electric vehicles. These discounts apply to all electric vehicles not just Tesla. Savings of up to 35% off home and auto. We would be happy to provide a no...
  4. Duliban Insurance Brokers

    Model 3 Insurance Quotes (Ontario, Canada)

    We can provide anyone living in Ontario, Canada with a quote for their insurance needs through our unique group plan for all electric vehicles. Discounts of up to 35% can be applied when adding your home to your Model 3 quote, charging stations are also covered under our group plan. You can...
  5. Duliban Insurance Brokers

    Canadian Insurance Questions and Answers

    With over 40 years of experience in the insurance industry we will answer any of your insurance questions relating to electric vehicles especially the Model 3 as this make and model is in our quoting system and have already insured multiple customers with the Model 3. We will try our best to...
  6. Mazzeppa

    Anti-Theft Insurance discount?

    AAA offers a anti-theft discount, but it requires OnStar or LoJack services. Wouldn't the built-n alarm system and auto tracking function within the app be equivalent?
  7. Todd Harrison

    CANADA: So you have configured, now what?

    I configured last night, I have contacted my insurance company and they gave me a reasonable quote but said they need a VIN to give me proof of insurance, is this consistent with others experience at this stage? Also visited a couple banks CIBC said use my line of credit which is bank prime plus...
  8. EVTM3

    Would you switch to a Insurance provider offering Tesla Insurance?

    Aviva is offering vehicles that have automatic emergency braking, a discount of 15% off premiums. I am not too sure if any other insurance brokers offer a similar program but this is something to consider with a Tesla.