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Jeda - Top Tesla Accessories
  1. MelindaV

    Home Automation (HomeKit, Alexa, ITTT, GoogleHome, etc)

    I've slowly been adding HomeKit controlled things around the house and was interested what everyone else may be doing (what should I think of adding). So far I have this little collection of things: Ecobee3 Lite 2 additional Ecobee room sensors 2 iHome receptacles 2 Vocolino bulbs 1 Leviton...
  2. Thalass

    Openhab and Tesla API

    So I've been into home automation for a while, but not having wads of cash to throw at shiny toys all the time progress has been slow. I've had Openhab running on a Raspberry Pi2, showing some weather info and controlling an ESP8266 arduino device and that's about it. But today I updated to...