1. N

    European tow hitch pictures

    Can someone direct me to where there are pictures of the tow hitch for Europe? I want to see if its one piece with the ball/neck or if its a separate part you insert/remove the same as for Model X
  2. TrevP

    Aftermarket hitch now available

    ‪The EcoHitch (same one I have on my Model 3) is now available for Model Y 👇🏼 ‬ ‪Less than $300 which is a bargain 👍🏼‬ ‪https://torkliftcentral.com/tesla-model-y-ecohitch-invisi‬
  3. Granite

    Tow Hitch

    Has anyone heard anything about an optional tow hitch? If so, what is the rowing capacity supposed to be?
  4. TrevP

    Bike rack solution for the Model 3

    For those not wanting to order a hitch option on their Model 3 I've found a great solution for a bike rack, even for those ordering the all glass roof option!