1. Jtlrwells

    Question Used model s owner looking for help charging on my way home...

    I'm traveling to Portland Oregon from Central California tomorrow to pick up a 2014 Model S P85D from a dealership. I understand that I won't have access to supercharging until the car has been transferred into my name. Any idea how I can go about charging on the way home?
  2. jacobCars27

    Question Model 3 Accessories?

    HI all! I am very new to the Tesla Community! I just recently (last month) purchased a Model 3, and I am looking to customize and add accessories. Does anybody have recommendations for products I can purchase for my new 3? Thanks!
  3. P

    Question Bachelor student needs help from the Tesla family

    Hi Tesla owner, I need your help! I'm a 1st year Bachelor of Business Administration college student at a school in The Netherlands. I'm writing an paper about Tesla Inc. for which I am required to do some field research about the American market. Specifically conduct four live (videocall)...
  4. B

    Buying Tesla Help Please

    Hello all, brand new to the forum. Hope you're having a good week. Thinking about buying a Tesla Model S Performance (2013). Listed price is $29,800. 71,880 miles. Seems pretty fair, after reading forums/KBB. Could probably haggle down a bit. Not a "car guy", so here is the listing...
  5. A

    Model S Stuck in neutral won't go in park

    Hello folks my 14 model s85 is giving me issues . The car does not want to go in drive or reverse it is stuck in neutral with no option to put in park . When i press park button it triggers the ebrake as i press the park button and when i let go the park button the ebrake disengages . Any idea...
  6. M

    Set Posts/Replies Per Page?

    Am I just missing it because I'm on mobile, or is there no way to set the # of posts/replies per page?
  7. Z

    Need help figuring out why my model 3 was delivered with missing "crucial part"

    Hi! What ended up happening was, I got a call today from the guy from Nevada at Tesla,stating that they received my car! Except that it was missing a "crucial part" and cannot be delivered to me on June 5th,therefore my options were to get a new VIN assigned to me and wait a few months or buy...
  8. NJturtlePower

    Please Help coordinate my Model 3 Config&Delivery w/ Lease Return

    So I read through a TON of threads and posts on here daily, but still have some questions about timing my Model 3 config/delivery between Tesla and my soon to be lease return mid-July. Here's my concerns..... My planned config (Silver Metallic w/ Aeros) is one of the less popular, and some...
  9. TrevP

    Let's help a fellow Tesla enthusiast out

    Folks, one of our members, @Ryan who does his excellent Tesla Podcast (Ride the Lightning) has a dog in need of help. If you've listened to his podcast you'll know his beloved dog Maggie the Boxer has had some medical issues and the latest is financially a burden on him. Keep in mind he's...