1. S

    Rogue Steering Heating

    My new Model Y has a heated steering wheel which comes on and turns off during a trip without any input from me. As I live in Hawaii, I don't want, or like, the steering wheel to be heated. I can't find anything in the controls to change the state of, or turn off, the steering wheel heating...
  2. francoisp

    Model Y Cabin Heating

    Now that winter is among us I find the "auto" setting to be pushing an insufficient amount of warm air around the legs. I have to manually select both the upper and lower vents to be comfortable. This could be fixed with software.
  3. A

    Odd HVAC Behaviour

    Anyone else experience this? Temp on Drivers and Passenger side are set the same, and Temp Sync is engaged. Have heating happening on one side, and cooling happening on the other. If I increase the temp, the side with cooling eventually changes to heating, and if I decrease the temp, the...