Jeda - Top Tesla Accessories
  1. D

    Range at High Temp

    Has anyone driven their Model 3 on a long trip on a hot day? I'm thinking 90+ degrees. Wondering how the estimated range changes when it's very hot. In town driving could be different as there would not be the same air flow to provide some cooling. But at highway speed, there may be some...
  2. Kizzy

    Heat under front seats after long drive

    I just got back from about 100 miles of driving (including a supercharging session) in my LR AWD 3. I was reaching for bags on the rear floor and noticed quite a bit of heat. I wondered at first if heat was coming from the rear vent, but it was off and there was no air coming from the vents. I...
  3. Enginerd

    Windshield sun shade

    Hopefully I'm in the final month or two waiting for my Model 3. One of the "important" details to sort out, of course, is the windshield sun shade. I've been disappointed with the ones that were supposed to fit my previous cars. In the rare occasion that they appear to fit, sometimes they sag...