hd radio

  1. Rich M

    Can't go back to FM HD1 station after selecting HD2 or 3?

    Example: if you're listening to 100.3 HD1 (the primary station), just tap the right arrow >| to get to 100.3 HD2. But if I want to go back to 100.3 HD1, tapping the left arrow |< just scans to the next lower frequency, 99.9. Then I have to tap the right arrow again to get back to 100.3. Unless...
  2. Rich M

    HD Radio and USB Ports

    HD Radio: So we already know AM radio is not available. On the 3 specs page it says "FM/Internet radio" but on the Model S specs it specifically mentions HD Radio. I wonder if it was an oversight or it just won't be available. There are a handful of HD2 stations around that play a great mix with...