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  1. NJturtlePower

    Tesla Gigafactory 4 update: 187 pounds of Word War II ammunition found on site....
  2. getaleks

    Home Charging with an Apartment (Germany)

    Hi everybody, as many who live in Germany know, many people live in apartment buildings here. Some buildings have their own garages with dedicated parking spots for tenants and some have dedicated parking spots outside near the building. Some do not have either, so you have to park on the...
  3. Marcumar

    e.GO Mobile startup

    e.GO opened its factory for the e.GO Life this week, an all electric city car. The CEO is the same guy that developed the Streetscooter transporter van for Deutsche Post. Production should start this fall.
  4. Model3GER

    US delivery for European/ German order

    Hello dear reservationists, I'm following this intiative since day one and am impressed by the passion and enthusiasm. Maybe you might able to help me with this little inquiry. As a former employee of a major german manufacturer I know for fact, that US customers were able to order their US...