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  1. mirage

    Android app that hopefully makes your driving experience more fun I've been working on an Android app related to Tesla vehicles. I recently released it and am trying to get Tesla drivers to try it out. Some of the main features are as follows (more features are shown in the video and...
  2. Nebulam

    Hi from Dallas, TX

    I wanted to say hi. I got a model 3 about a year ago and I love it. Part of the reason I wanted to post here was also to let people know of an Android app I made that can be used with Tesla vehicles to enhance your Tesla experience. I've posted in other forums and reddit about this and will...
  3. KOS

    Would Google Stadia make gaming 4K/60fps in your Model 3 possible?

    Google just unveiled its gaming streaming service that will be able to run full HD (or 4K) at 60 fps on any device with internet connection (25 MB/s min). Does this mean we will be able to game on the onboard browser? I am waiting for my M3 AWD delivery so I am maybe missing something.