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  1. RAS550

    How much would you pay for free lifetime supercharging?

    Elon's recent decision to offer either $ 5K refund at the cost of giving up free supercharging implicitly values the latter at $ 5K. Many people think its being overvalued, which some feel its a good deal. What would you pay for free lifetime supercharging for life?
  2. Dr. J

    Enhanced Autopilot Trial

    TMC is reporting this as news, though I don't see a date of publication on the Tesla site: Enhanced Autopilot Trial [Moderator: please move thread to appropriate forum, if needed.] From TMC: Enhanced Autopilot features will automatically be downloaded to cars after they receive software...
  3. jsanford

    OFFER: Tesla HPWC post mount back

    The Tesla wall charger came with two backs: one for wall mounting and the other for mounting on a post. We’re not going to use our post mount back. In the spirit of decluttering, I’d like to offer it to anyone who will use it for the cost of shipping or local handoff in the Seattle metro area.