1. TrevP

    Official Tesla Owners Online Forum Tutorial

    Getting Started Registering: In order to participate here you will need to register for an account. Click the register button or Join Now on the home page. Select an account type - we have several to chose from (free, or paid membership with extra benefits). Then choose a username and a strong...
  2. C

    Is there a "find the right thread" thread somewhere?

    I have a set of questions about winter travel and preparedness for a still-just-potential northbound December road trip - broadly stemming from the naivete (sp?) of a Bay Area CA USA resident who grew up in WA with a passenger's awareness of snowy/icy weather. I however lack a driver's...
  3. MelindaV

    skipping and jumping

    in the last week or so it seems the forum is acting funny. When opening a thread from the "Alerts" link, instead of going directly to the post linked in Alerts it may open at the top of the page. Or may go to a post a few below the linked post. Or goes to the correct post then immediately...