floor liners

  1. K

    3DMAXPIDER floor liner for Canadian model 3 owners

    I got in touch with U-Guard, the Canadian distributor for the 3DMAXPIDER custom fit floor liners who sells their floor liners through Costco's website, and they said: I have used their mats before and I think they are quite good, I haven't used the weathertech ones so I cannot say how they...
  2. EVTuning

    Group Buy on All-Weather Floor Mats/Sunshades

    Hello and Welcome to EV Tuning Solutions Forum here on Model 3 Owners Club. My name is Chris Salvo I am the owner of EV Tuning Solutions. I'd like to say hello and offer a special introductory group buy for the remainder of April on our Hexomat All-Weather Floor Mats and Sunshade Ultimate...
  3. littlD

    Tesla WeatherTech Model 3 Floor Liners & Mats

    All, I just requested WeatherTech notify me when Model 3 floor liners are available. Maybe if enough of us getting our "3"s soon can do the same, we'll have them in time for when we take delivery. And, maybe you're a Husky Liners fan, but they don't have any liners (currently) for any Tesla...