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  1. T

    Tesla loan comparison spreadsheet - auto updates hourly

    ]Hi everyone, I've been lurking here for a while and the community has been a huge help. I thought this spreadsheet would be a huge help for others. This spreadsheet pulls rates directly from the credit union's website hourly, so you're always getting the latest rates, because as you know...
  2. SwaggerWagon

    How Sales Tax Is Handled for WI Residents

    Just finished picking up our Model 3 in Highland Park, IL. The delivery process wasn't as smooth as it could have been, largely from a lack of knowledge on ISA and delivery specialsts part on how to handle taxes for WI. Basically, because you're buying from an IL Tesla store, you don't pay any...
  3. ng0

    What company are you going to finance with?

    Hope this isn't a duplicate topic, but figured I'd ask the question. Someone in another thread mentioned how they're going to be financing with a Alliant credit union at a slightly lower rate than the 2.74% rate that is reported to be the interest rate that Tesla will be charging. After a little...
  4. benthebear

    Tesla Offered Financing options?

    So I'm sitting here watching the Utah Jazz vs. Golden State Warriors game and saw a commercial for Toyota Rav4 with 0% financing. I was lucky enough to get a 9:00 am March 31st 2016(at The Rocklin CA store ~2 hours from Fremont Factory) reservation and will be getting AWD, highest battery...

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