1. M

    Extension Cords

    Hi all, I'm new to the forums and have a MY on order for delivery sometime in September. I've been collecting tidbits of what to get for the car and was trying to understand the reasoning from people in grabbing extension cords that are 10awg. Can you enlighten me on whether that is actually...
  2. Mesprit87

    Question Am I the only one hoping for an extension of referral miles?

    I know vaccination in the states is progressing like hell but it's a different situation here in Canada. Officially, only essential travel is allowed (probably the only dumb enough to follow this but that's another debate) I think like everybody else here that I did a good job promoting what...
  3. 8

    Extend Supercharger Credit Limit?

    So I have a credit because of a referral when I bought my LR DM M3... but it will expire at the end of July. I was planning a trip up the coast.... but.... I'm an old guy, and in that "high risk" category... So because of the Corona virus, I have only put about 20 miles a month on my M3 over...