ev rebate

  1. MuriLOCO

    Model 3 Performance now illegible for 8k rebate under Quebec - Canada province. But what about who already claimed it?

    Please delete :)
  2. TrevP

    Model 3 standard and SR+ qualify for Canada’s federal EV rebate

    Model 3 standard range and SR+ both qualify for the Canada Federal EV rebate according to Tesla. However they’re not listed on the Transport Canada website (yet) https://www.tesla.com/en_CA/support/incentives
  3. Dr. J

    Texas $2,500 EV Rebate - hearing on Dec. 11, 2017

    The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is writing rules to implement the Legislature’s clean vehicle rebate program, which provides rebates of $2,500 for EV purchases. Last time (2014), Tesla cars did not qualify because sales were restricted to Texas auto dealers. There is nothing in...