On Elon Musk Day, post a message about how Musk and his companies have influenced or inspired you.

    Originally published at https://evannex.com on April 20, 2020. Nowadays, there’s a commemoration on the calendar for just about anything you can think of—from important observances such as Earth Day (April 22) and National Drive Electric Week (Sep 26-Oct 4, 2020) to trivial tributes such as...

    For consumer and commercial customers, Tesla's Cybertruck is the truck of the future

    Originally published at https://evannex.com on December 30, 2019. After the controversial unveiling of Tesla's Cybertruck, like most, I was perplexed. Is the world ready for such radical change? Is a cyberpunk dystopia where we're heading as a society? When Cybertruck hits the road, it will...