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    EVANNEX Frunk Cooler for Tesla Model X, Model 3, and Model Y

    For more information go to: https://evannex.com/collections/interior-accessories-for-tesla-model-3/products/frunk-cooler-for-tesla USE CODE: KITTY5 to receive $5 off $50 or more Summer is fast approaching, so it will be time again for picnics, camping, tailgate parties and more. With that in...

    Will every new car and truck in the U.S. be electric by 2035?

    Originally published at https://evannex.com on April 16, 2021. The U.S. lags behind China and Europe in the transition from internal combustion engine to battery-powered cars. There are some bright spots in the U.S. though. California was the first state announcing plans to ban new...

    EVANNEX THE LAW: Front License Plate Brackets For Tesla Model S (Bolt-On)

    For more information go to: https://evannex.com/collections/exterior-accessories-for-tesla-model-s/products/front-license-plate-mount-for-tesla-model-s USE DISCOUNT CODE: KITTY5 to receive $5 off orders of $50 or more. The Law: Front License Plate Bracket is a precision, bolt-on product that’s...

    Is Tesla's refreshed Model S hinting at a driverless future?

    Originally published at https://evannex.com on April 15, 2021. The 2021 model year changes have added quite a few new features to Tesla’s high-end luxury sedan. Some of these changes hint at a future with less reliance on traditional driver controls. One of the most noticeable changes is the...

    NEW PRODUCT: EVANNEX Wheel Accents for Tesla Model Y (21" Uberturbine & 20 " Induction)

    For more information go to: https://evannex.com/collections/exterior-accessories-for-tesla-model-y/products/wheel-accents-for-tesla-model-y USE DISCOUNT CODE: KITTY5 to receive $5 off $50 or more. Give your Tesla a subtle aesthetic boost with our Wheel Accents for Model Y 20" and 21" wheels...

    Can the U.S. catch up to China in the electric vehicle race?

    Originally published at https://evannex.com on April 13, 2021. Even though the vast majority of dominant tech companies reside in the United States, in the auto sector most U.S. companies are still selling the old internal combustion engine technology. Fortunately, Tesla is changing things...

    Learning leadership lessons from Tesla's Elon Musk

    Originally published at https://evannex.com on April 12, 2021. Should you display your leadership prowess by being super-provocative and posting memes on Twitter like Elon Musk? Ummm, probably not. That said, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO does have a few intriguing pieces of advice that might be...

    EVANNEX Chrome Delete Vinyl Kit for Tesla Model 3

    For more information go to: https://evannex.com/collections/exterior-accessories-for-tesla-model-3/products/chrome-delete-vinyl-kit-for-tesla-model-3 USE CODE: KITTY5 to receive $5 off orders of $50 or more. • Gives your 2017-2020 Model 3 the chrome-delete look of the updated Model 3 refresh...

    Supercars challenge Tesla drivers in some thrilling street races

    Originally published at https://evannex.com on April 9, 2021 Call it an utter lack of awareness. Or maybe a case of over-confidence. Whatever the case, owners of internal combustion engine (ICE) sports cars are still brazen in their efforts to challenge random Teslas to a street race. Several...

    China's EV Showdown: Tesla steps up rivalry with NIO and Xpeng

    Originally published at https://evannex.com on April 8, 2021. Can Tesla compete with fast-growing EV companies locally in the all-important Chinese market? According to the South China Morning Post, "Chinese rivals NIO and Xpeng both recorded a five-fold surge in sales in the first quarter of...

    New cuts in UK electric vehicle incentives exclude Tesla from grants

    Originally published at https://evannex.com on March 30, 2021. The UK government has implemented a number of policies to encourage drivers to go electric. However, what the inscrutable powers that be give with one hand, they often take away with the other. Auto industry groups and media...

    Is Elon Musk becoming ‘Technoking’ of the universe?

    Originally published at https://evannex.com on March 29, 2021. Recently, the internet was abuzz with news that Elon Musk had changed his title to "Technoking of Tesla" according to the company's latest regulatory filing with the SEC. With Musk's tech prowess on full display at some of his other...

    Can these electric vehicle startups grow to giant size twice as quickly as Tesla did?

    Originally published at https://evannex.com on March 26, 2021. Small companies grow into medium-size companies, and some swell into “megafirms,” “giants,” or even “behemoths.” Some puff up into members of feared groups of global power brokers, like the Big Three, the Seven Sisters, Big Auto or...

    How does Ford's Mustang Mach-E compare with Tesla's Model Y?

    Originally published at https://evannex.com on March 23, 2021. For years now, every new electric vehicle that comes out has been described as a challenger to Tesla. Ford’s new Mustang Mach-E may be the first one that truly fits this description. The Mach-E is pretty close in size, form factor...

    Risk or Reward: Making a long term bet on Elon Musk

    Originally published at https://evannex.com on March 22, 2021. There are many of us who've invested a big chunk of change on Tesla [NASDAQ: TSLA] hoping the stock will (eventually) continue its meteoric rise. Much of this investment thesis revolves around one man: Elon Musk. Is Elon a good bet...

    EVANNEX Front License Plate Brackets for Tesla Model 3, X, Y (No Bolt-on)

    For more information go to: https://evannex.com/collections/exterior-accessories-for-tesla-model-3/products/license-plate-holder-for-tesla-model-3 https://evannex.com/collections/tesla-model-x-accessories/products/license-plate-holder-for-tesla-model-x...

    Tesla's phone app lets owners remotely melt snow off their cars (video)

    Originally published at https://evannex.com on March 19, 2021. Tesla's all-electric cars have some super-helpful climate features that many other carmakers have yet to offer in their cars. Some examples include Dog Mode, Camp Mode, and remotely preconditioning the vehicle (more on this below)...

    Wall Street Journal: Tesla Model Y vs. Volkswagen ID.4

    Originally published at https://evannex.com on March 18, 2021. While Tesla has been a trailblazer in the electric vehicle space, legacy car companies have been laggards to date. That's about to change. One automaker everyone is hoping lives up to its promises is Volkswagen. And according to...

    Go green on St. Patty's Day like this Tesla Owner

    Originally published at https://evannex.com on March 17, 2021. Remixing the look of a Tesla can be subtle or bold. A few years back, I stumbled across an especially striking Tesla from a California-based Model 3 owner, Isaac Mir, while scrolling on Instagram. Photo courtesy of Isaac Mir...

    A tax on electric vehicles is back on the agenda in Florida

    Originally published at https://evannex.com on March 16, 2021. The Florida legislature is advancing a bill that would impose a yearly tax on EV owners, with almost no attention in the media. The bill (actually a pair of bills, Senate Bill 140 and House Bill 819) appears to be similar to one...

    EVANNEX Trunk Organizer for Tesla Model 3, S, X, Y

    USE DISCOUNT CODE: KITTY5 to receive $5 off orders of $50 or more How many times have you just thrown items into your trunk, with no organization? EVANNEX Trunk Organizer for Tesla Model S, 3, X Y provides a partitioning system for the trunk well helping declutter the trunk space. Adjustable...

    Elon Musk's innovation engine should keep the party going at Tesla

    Originally published at https://evannex.com on March 15, 2021. As Tesla’s stock price has pulled back from its highs, a “party’s over” narrative has been making the rounds. Basically, the thesis is this: TSLA stock has soared because Tesla has had the growing EV market more or less to itself...

    Where’s all this hydrogen hype coming from?

    Originally published at https://evannex.com on March 12, 2021. Considering that it’s the lightest and simplest of elements, hydrogen seems to stir up a surprising amount of emotion. Actually, it’s not hydrogen itself, but rather the use of fuel cells to power vehicles that is so...

    Tesla isn't the only automaker hoping owners will get used to monthly subscription fees

    Originally published at https://evannex.com on March 11, 2021. Here’s a new twist on the old proverb about teaching someone to fish: buying a car may feed an automaker for a day, but recurring fees for services and product enhancements could generate a lucrative revenue stream in perpetuity...


    For more information visit: https://evannex.com/collections/interior-accessories-for-tesla-model-3/products/tesla-model-3-interior-lights https://evannex.com/collections/interior-accessories-for-tesla-model-s/products/tesla-model-s-interior-lights...

    Drag Race: Putting Tesla's acceleration boost to the test [Video]

    Originally published at https://evannex.com on March 10, 2021. It’s truly amazing that you can improve your car’s 0-60 numbers in a matter of minutes without ever going to a tuning shop or dealership — just download an over-the-air (OTA) software update and your Tesla is upgraded in a matter of...

    Amazon has diversified into several lucrative businesses-could Tesla achieve a similar feat?

    Originally published at https://evannex.com on March 9, 2021. Sometimes in the world of business, a company vertically integrates a product or service that it needs to support its own operations, and eventually finds that providing that product or service is just as lucrative as its original...

    Here's why Elon Musk supports a future with free education for the planet

    Originally published at https://evannex.com on March 8, 2021. Sal Khan, the founder of Khan Academy, recently gave a big shout-out to Elon Musk and the Musk Foundation for a generous donation of $5 million. Khan admires Elon Musk’s efforts and support in spreading free education for everyone on...

    EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model S, 3, X, Y

    For more information go to: https://evannex.com/products/tesla-model-3-all-weather-floor-mats https://evannex.com/pages/all-weather-floor-mats-for-tesla-model-x https://evannex.com/products/tesla-model-s-all-weather-floor-mats https://evannex.com/products/tesla-model-y-all-weather-floor-mats...

    A look at some of the most insane features of Tesla's rebooted Roadster

    Originally published at https://evannex.com on March 5, 2021. We haven’t been hearing much about Tesla’s next-gen Roadster lately, as the company has been keeping its focus on more practical and profitable projects. That’s probably a wise decision, but as Elon Musk would surely agree, sometimes...

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