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  1. MountainPass

    MPP Page Mill 2-pc Stock Diameter Front Rotors for Model 3 RWD/AWD Non-P - NOW IN STOCK!

    Reduce unsprung weight and improve cooling while keeping your 18" wheels! Stock sizing, perfect fit - fits inside your stock aero wheels to retain maximum efficiency and range Lightweight, visually stunning two-piece rotor Aluminum anodized hat made from US-Sourced 6061-T6 Optimal cooling...
  2. N

    First Roadtrip. Real World Range?

    Hi All, We took delivery of our Model 3 dual motor (long range) a few weeks ago and are driving tomorrow up to San Francisco. There is a supercharger 240 miles from home. Will I make that in real world conditions (radio/streaming, 80mph, low fan without A/C)? I’d rather stop once for an extended...
  3. sdbyrd79

    If you're not getting the Wh/mile efficiency you're expecting...

    Make sure you have enough air in your tires :) For the past 3 months, I've only managed to average around 240 Wh/mi no matter how "normal" my driving habits were. I still thought it was good, but when others were reporting much lower, I was wondering what I was doing wrong. Come to find out...
  4. tencate

    15000 mile average efficiency and report

    Max hit 15000 miles the other day after 7 months of ownership. Had to drive my old Volvo 240 for a few days and soon fell into old habits and expectations but when I got back into the Tesla I felt like I'd gone through a time warp. All the initial amazement and excitement and huge...
  5. Rich M

    How is your daily / lifetime efficiency?

    I decided to dedicate the first trip odometer to lifetime stats (or close, it's 9 miles behind actual odometer), and so far I'm averaging exactly 200 Wh/mi. I didn't see any other threads after searching, so post your typical commute or lifetime mileage if you have it. In the pic, top is...

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