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  1. N

    For Sale 2020 Model 3 Longe Range AWD

    Hello Everyone, Pictures are never clear in here* Text me for better photos 2020 Tesla Model 3 Longe Range Dual Motor AWD. It will come with all the Tesla goodies but here are the additional specs: 2,000 Miles Long Range Battery (322 Miles) Dual Motor AWD Pearl White w/ Black Interior V3...
  2. SilverShadow

    Anyone dyno a Dual Motor (Non-P) or timed 0-60 runs?

    There are lots of performance numbers for the P3, but not much on just the dual motor. I found quarter mile runs and some 0-60 numbers for all 3 variants as follows... but don't think there was anyone who used a vBox or Draggy on the dual motor with multiple runs on level ground. Any have...
  3. RAS550

    Poll: Will you be getting an aftermarket badge for your Model 3?

    I saw a post about aftermarket Model 3 badges, and while I don't see the point, I thought I'd start a poll to get the public opinion.
  4. Sethree

    Carless in Colorado?

    Just wanted to reach out to my fellow Coloradans / Model 3 waiters (specifically dual motor AWD) and see if we can update each other on our progress toward delivery. I'm curious as to how much love Colorado has received thus far? I reserved 6/22/16 (non-owner), configured 6/30/18 Silver...
  5. M

    Dual Motor whine noise from front end

    Took delivery of my Model 3 LR Dual Motor on Friday, Aug 31st. Right after entering the highway, notice a low whine type noise from the front highway speeds from 50mph (80kmh) and up, I assume is from the front motor. Took a day drive around yesterday, still very noticeable even my front...
  6. Bokonon

    Model 3 PD at Thunderhill Raceway

    @sreams posted this over on TMC earlier this afternoon: Picture attached: Someone else pointed out that this car appears to have air suspension too.
  7. theloneranger08

    Why won't Tesla announce more details about the dual motor configuration?

    Tesla has to know by now how much the dual motor version of the Model 3 will cost and what kind of range/performance it will have. I don't understand why they can't tell reservation holders so they can make an informed decision when they get their invite to configure (I'm about to be in this...