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  1. E

    Question Why is only one Key Fob recognized?

    So my parents took delivery of a Model X a week ago after my Model 3 proved its chops for a year. So I was trying to set up driver profiles For them and link a key to each profile. For some reason, I can only link to “Key Fob 2”. I tried leaving one key in the house and seeing if that would...
  2. NYer

    Scheduled charging time resets each day. Minor nuisance.

    I am trying to charge my Model 3 each night after 11:30 pm when energy costs w/ PG&E are the lowest. However, each day, the Scheduled Charging setting resets to off and 12:00 am. I then set it again to on and 11:30 pm. I noticed that this is not saved in my driving profile. Do I really need...
  3. MelindaV

    Rogue Driver Profile (reverts to Easy Entry)

    the most common bug I've had with v9.0 is when I get in the car (easy entry profile), press the brake profile changes to my profile, latch the seatbelt - the profile flips back to easy entry. Sometimes after latching the seatbelt, but before putting in gear. and only in that minute or so...
  4. ahagge

    What's saved in the Driver's Profile?

    According to the Model 3 Owner's Manual (March 13, 2018 edition): But as far as I can see in my car with firmware 2018.12.1 b39b759, there is no "See what's saved" button. So I thought I'd start this thread to help other new owners. Here's a (possibly incomplete) list of what I've...