1. T

    Power & Connect Everything | 8 USB ports | Hidden USB Drive

    Hi, I just completed a custom install where the center console was disassembled and four extra USB ports were added, while also keeping the existing 4 functional. Two will be added to the front and they will be charge-only ports supporting 2.1A each. One will be added in the armrest...
  2. PiperPaul

    Rim protection for Canadian Tesla owners

    After seeing the post by @EVANNEX about DIY rim protection I bought a kit from Enannex which arrived today. It's very complete and I'm looking forward to installing it particularly to cover some minor rashes, and protect my wheel rims since the tires won't. However, I've now discovered that I...
  3. MountainPass

    How To: Perform Hard Reset on Model 3

    Hello friends! Sasha's music streaming stopped working for a full day last week, and after we got it back up and running using this procedure we realized it would be selfish to not share it with all of you. This guide will walk you through how to perform a hard reset on your Tesla Model 3...
  4. L

    DIY Automatic Garage Door Opener with Raspberry Pi

    Tesla's official garage door opener add-on is $300 on their store for those with SR/+ models. But I'm considering building one myself with a Raspberry Pi... Here's a breakdown of what it might require and cost: Raspberry Pi Zero with case: $10 GPS module: $30 Chamberlain universal garage door...
  5. shimmy

    Tesla OEM Carbon Fiber Install Process on non-P AWD White Model 3 (w/pics)

    Picked up an OEM Carbon Fiber spoiler: ...and wanted to share my install experience, as I dared to install it on my own, on my white model 3 AWD. There are reports of fitment issues, with the edges specifically. In looking at the back of the spoiler, which uses 3M double stick (it's strong!)...
  6. 30cl

    Storage container for DIY Jack Lifting Pads

    Where can one acquire storage container for my DIY lifting pads like in the picture attached?
  7. MountainPass

    DIY: Front Brake Pad Replacement Tesla Model 3 Non-P

    Hello again friends! Yesterday we needed to swap out our Ferrodo DS2500 track pads for our MPP Page Mill Street Pads (shameless plug) so I took a few pictures to show everyone how simple it is! If you bought generic F40 shaped pads, you may need to add an hour of belt sanding to make them fit...
  8. MountainPass

    How-To DIY: Parking Brake Disassembly/Rear Brake Pad Replacement

    Hello friends! Yesterday we had to replace our rear brake pads on our RWD Model 3. The looks we got at the Tesla Service Centre were funny, who the heck wears out their brake pads on an electric car?! The answer is Team MPP! This DIY will be useful for anyone who needs to remove their rear...
  9. M

    DIY Model 3 Accents

    Hey guys, new to the forum and first time tesla owner! Made these cork accents over the weekend was wondering what you guys think :)
  10. tipton

    Brake Caliper Painting Prices?

    I have no idea what brake caliper painting pricing should be. I found one shop around me that does it and they quoted $1100 which seems really high compared to the two prices I've seen on other forums. Can anyone please post what you paid or were quoted? Doing this myself is not something I'm...
  11. cfcubed

    Simple DIYs to avoid or delay SC visit

    New around here & first-time Tesla owner of June-built 027XXX VIN RWD Model 3 delivered in July. Post under same username @ but find "noise" there, like questions easily answered through search or car's manual, scores of (nearly) identical subject threads, make things...
  12. K-MTG

    Dashcam Install Help

    I had Calibred Customs (who did my X install) come out for my 3 install today...I was there first 3 customer (they are traveling to the Bay Area tomorrow for additional installs). I will have a full write up + video + pics soon but here is a summary: - The install is more difficult than the X...
  13. geoffreak

    For Sale: Unused 3M Scotchguard Pro PPF Kit for Model 3 (Dallas, TX)

    I bought a PPF pre-cut kit for the Model 3, but changed my mind on doing the work myself and now I'm stuck with this kit I won't use and can't return. I'd rather not have to ship it so I'm asking here to see if anyone in Dallas, TX would be interested in buying it off me. I'll be able to bring...
  14. Travelwolf

    model 3 rfid chip put into homemade "fob"- success!

    So I saw a couple of videos about people who have dissolved the plastic on their transportation cards to get out the rfid chip and then placed the chip in a key fob of their own making. Has anyone tried something similar with model 3's keycard? would love to know if anyone has and, if it worked...