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  1. JWardell

    microDisplay - Configurable hidden gauges for your dash! - Q&A

    I've slowly released my in-dash gauges for Model 3 and Model Y but never made a formal announcement, and would like a thread for any questions or discussion. The microDisplay can display thousands of signals from your Tesla's CAN bus and is engineer specifically to be hidden within the...
  2. Carmen Electra

    Touchscreen in sun causes AC to stop (ironic?)

    Model 3 LR RWD (blue) delivered Aug 14 ... I did a cursory look and haven't seen others report this issue: screen overheats in sun, and disables AC Twice now my AC has refused to work. In both cases, I have found the car during a time when it has been in daytime sun in a parking lot. Cabin...
  3. JWardell

    My DIY perfect phone mount

    I always like to drive with Waze running, and I try to mount my phone in a secure location close to my line of sight. I thought and tried a number of mounts for my Model 3 but wasn't satisfied with location, plus they were big and ugly when not in use and disrupted the minimal dash. I really...
  4. B

    Model 3 Display Freezing?

    I've had my Model 3 exactly a week, and every single day, at least once, the display has frozen and becomes completely unresponsive. The only way to get it to work again is to reboot the display (holding both buttons on steering wheel). The first time it happened I left it alone for the day...
  5. TrevP

    Model 3 on display at Yorkdale starting March 2 2018

    Yes, it's true! There will be a Model 3 permanently on display at Yorkdale Shopping Centre starting March 2 2018.
  6. Maurice

    Video of Model 3 Display

    Another Model 3 video from the guys at OCDetailing, this time featuring the display. I have not seen this posted, but my apologies if it already has been.
  7. JWardell

    Exclusive HUD review!

    I've been keeping tabs on add-on HUD displays after all the discussion here, and I grabbed this one for $30 when I realized our new CX-5 had no digital speedometer, knowing that I might install one in the Model 3. Most others require an OBDII port connection and will not work with M3, but...
  8. John Slaby

    Further Speculation on Hi-Res Charging Screen

    So, I was looking at the charging screen that started all of the speculation about 300+ miles of range, and I realized no one has paid much attention to the left-hand side of the screen where the image of the car is. You can see that there is an 'open' button (I assume it is a button and not...