1. hamtonp

    National Drive Week (DFW) at Grapevine, TX Sept 8, 2018

    Let's use this day to do a small meet up. Be nice to check out other cars as well. Sept 8, 2018 10am - 1pm https://driveelectricweek.org/event.php?eventid=1284 We can either just meet straight there or meet somewhere (Southlake Supercharger) and all drive there at once. Show of force. We can...
  2. Dr. J

    DFW Area: Would you test my 40A UMC please?

    DFW folks, @LUXMAN @Quicksilver @Karlsays @plankeye @KGTES @Fan#1 @NIGHTHAWK017 @GDN @Magma @geoffreak @Steve Liu@Profblock @JOUL3S @TheHambledon @OMGchad @350VDC @tex_model_3 @agastya @hamtonp @littlelibo @tfederov@titan0801 @Dr. J @chelore565 @jdkyle @ronmis @breadfan35 @actorps1 @buck3ts...