destination charger

  1. B

    Question Can Destination SC Proprietors Charge $ for Guest Use?

    I've had my Model 3 for almost 3 years. I've taken several road trips, including a 3-weeker around the country. I've used superchargers at almost every stop, and I've stayed at several motels with Tesla Destination Chargers. I thought I knew how everything works. But last week, I stayed at a...
  2. djejnyc

    No Home Charging thread

    Hello Fellow M3 owners! This thread is to discuss those of us who DON'T have home charging options. I live in an apartment building in Brooklyn, NY. We park in the garage in the building next door and have no chance to put in any type of charger. There's two superchargers nearby, one 30mins...
  3. T

    Destination Chargers: real time info??

    Dear M3 community, It might be a stupid question or at least a very quick one to check for the ones already using M3, but I googled that and have no clear answer. Though it is clear that the M3 screen provides Tesla Superchargers real-time info (that can be more or less accurate) about stalls...