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  1. TrevP

    Official Change of plans on size

    Elon has just confirmed they’re keeping the final design the same size as the prototype. He had said earlier this year they would shrink it by 3-5% but have decided against that.
  2. $ Trillion Musk

    Love Tesla, but their interiors...

    I've been a Tesla fan since 2009 when I first saw the Model S prototype in person and sat in a few Roadsters. There's no doubt in my mind that their products are superior to anything else on the market in many aspects, including charging network, battery technology, efficiency, performance...
  3. threenic

    Model 3 Artwork

    Hello everyone! Last year I shared my artwork of a pre-production sample of the Model 3. The compliments were simply overwhelming and I appreciated all of your support. I cannot remember if I posted my second artwork of a red production Model 3 that was commissioned, as well as the revised...
  4. P

    M3 design - equipment mounted on firewall

    Firewall is very important to the design and build of the M3. A lot of equipment is hung off both sides of it. The main computer can be seen on the inside of the firewall, it is not mounted in the dash, but covered by it. There is a big hole in the floor of the car for the battery ancillary...
  5. R

    What About this Model 3 Wagon?

  6. JoelH

    Charging Port Location

    Anyone know where the charging port is? From the pictures I've seen of the prototypes, it does not appear to be in a similar location as the S.
  7. IDarwin

    Front grille, or lack thereof

    Some people have complained about the lack of a front grille, I think omitting it is the right choice when leaving the past behind. As I posted on the blue birdie site: @elonmusk Pls ignore complaints about the @TeslaMotors Model 3 front...