1. wesmorgan

    Model 3 RWD Long Range w/ AP in CO for $44,200

    I’m selling my Model 3 in Denver, CO because I got an AWD one to replace it. ~21k miles. Great car! See my Blinker post for details:
  2. groovetesla

    New Colorado Owner!

    Greetings! Just had full confirmation today for my M3 which will be delivered on 12/24. I have to say it was a bit stressful to work out all the numbers, but I couldn't be happier, this is really exciting. First thing I want to do of course is to protect the car with whatever I need (Still...
  3. P

    Colorado - Model 3 Rear Ended, Looking for a recommendation for an auto body shop

    My Model 3 was rear ended last night. I’m getting the insurance side of this squared away. However I’d love a recommendation for an authorized repair shop in the Denver/Boulder area. Any which people love? Or hate (so I can avoid)?
  4. Sethree

    Carless in Colorado?

    Just wanted to reach out to my fellow Coloradans / Model 3 waiters (specifically dual motor AWD) and see if we can update each other on our progress toward delivery. I'm curious as to how much love Colorado has received thus far? I reserved 6/22/16 (non-owner), configured 6/30/18 Silver...