1. S

    SLR delivery

    Odered my first Tesla, 2021 SLR, my delivery date started as March 2022, moved to December 2021, now unavailable. Any tips on when I might actually get it, or what I can do to speed up the process? Should I switch to the upgraded wheels to get an earlier date? Needless to say I’m having a hard...
  2. Taym

    Model Y Deliveries in EU in August and September!

    Hello Everyone! I can't believe this is finally happening! I am in Rome, italy, and I have reserved my Model Y in March 2019. Finally, just few days ago I received an email where I was informed that Model Ys would start delivery in my area starting from August. I then received a second email...
  3. B

    Delivery pressure

    Sales guy just texted me saying that If I want a Model Y in May I need to order now and will probably get it in March or April. He says the Fremont factory focuses, what ever that means, on US deliveries during March, June, September and December. Is this your exprience or just sales pressure?
  4. John

    Announcements of Imminent Model Y Delivery Preparation

    Please note here when you get an announcement or communication from Tesla about the Model Y that you ordered. Please include: The model you ordered (e.g. LR RWD, white paint, black interior, 20" sport wheels, FSD The date you ordered it (the reveal was March 14, 2019) Whether you are a previous...
  5. T

    Tesla lot full of model 3s

    First time post & new User! Was driving in Santa Ana calif and spotted all these beautiful babes.
  6. KarenRei

    MR version order & delivery thread
  7. S

    SUPER QUICK delivery

    I know, I know! Some Model 3 order place holders will be frustrated, but I got my new Model 3 in (1) one day! I live about 150 miles from the Columbus, Ohio Tesla Showroom. I called them and scheduled a Model 3 test drive. My wife and I made it a 2 day shopping trip. While we were on our test...
  8. Silvermagic3

    Got my AWD Model 3 - First Impressions of the Experience and Car

    Run up to Delivery (2 out of 5) Like a lot of people I got the September 9th email to setup delivery date, but then had almost no communication for 2 weeks. Then they asked for info on my trade in, took the pictures through the website, and 3 days later got a quote. The quote was ~$500 less than...
  9. Sethree

    Carless in Colorado?

    Just wanted to reach out to my fellow Coloradans / Model 3 waiters (specifically dual motor AWD) and see if we can update each other on our progress toward delivery. I'm curious as to how much love Colorado has received thus far? I reserved 6/22/16 (non-owner), configured 6/30/18 Silver...
  10. Alighieri256

    Performance Model 3 VINs

    Well folks, Tesla likely built 5,000 of something last week. And with around 10,000 AWD VINs now in play, when would you guess we'll see the first VINs assigned to Performance orders?
  11. R

    Marina del Rey CA-Delivery Location - QC wait times - August 2018

    Hey guys! I wanted to check in with folks who have picked up their cars at Marina del Rey in the last couple of weeks. I received my MSM AWD VIN on Monday 8/13/2018 and that my car had arrived at the devilry location. By Tuesday morning (8/14/2018) I had everything in order financially and...
  12. Waterhouse

    EAP Missing

    Picked up yesterday, but it appears that even though I paid for EAP, I don't have it.... Here's my 'autopilot' menu: I know it has to calibrate, etc... but others are reporting that they had TACC and other items in this menu right from the start. Called Support, they *think* it's a...
  13. rxlawdude

    Order & Delivery Problems?

    A couple of people on the Tesla owned fora have been disappointed at the last moment when Tesla informed them their cars were not in fact ready - the cars were apparently not even at the designated delivery center. This was at Costa Mesa and Marina del Rey, California delivery centers. One of...
  14. Nikola

    My New England "home delivery" experience

    I haven't seen much discussion about "home delivery" of the Model 3 so I thought describing my experience would be helpful to those who are going through the process. We were planning to use the car in northern New England through the summer, so I asked about picking it up at the Dedham...
  15. Stickers

    Hi from Redwood City, Ca

    Hi Everyone, Just had Tesla drop off a MSM w/ Premium wheels. They brought it to my home, very prompt and the whole process took 5 minutes. Delivery coordinator called and assured me they've checked everything out. Did a quick trip around the block. Here's my first impressions vs...
  16. NJturtlePower

    Please Help coordinate my Model 3 Config&Delivery w/ Lease Return

    So I read through a TON of threads and posts on here daily, but still have some questions about timing my Model 3 config/delivery between Tesla and my soon to be lease return mid-July. Here's my concerns..... My planned config (Silver Metallic w/ Aeros) is one of the less popular, and some...
  17. Joaquin

    My baby is home! Meet Niko, DOB 4-26-2018

    Finally it's here! Took delivery this morning in Fremont. The delivery experience went pretty smooth and fast! I was prepared with my checklist and everything, but instead I just felt in love at first sight and decided to relax and enjoy the experience, and drive it as soon as possible :) It...
  18. @

    Model 3 initial feedback and delivery experience

    Just wanted to share some quick thoughts as I finally picked up my model 3 (camped out on 3/31/16 and first time Tesla owner) The experience picking up the car was amazing. Friendly customer service who took their time and went the extra mile. I think not taking delivery at the quarter...
  19. 3

    Model 3 Delivery Defect

    Hey model 3 owners… I went to take delivery of my car after having refused delivery for a panel issue weeks before. I did a pretty thorough visual inspection of the car, only to find out when I pulled into my driveway and took a look in the sunlight that there was a major scratch underneath the...
  20. SoFlaModel3

    Instant VIN?

    I just went back into “MyTesla” and I have a VIN 30 minutes after configuring. Did that happen to anyone else? Did it change again? This must be a good sign for speedy delivery right? I’m freaking out right now (sorry)!
  21. jopa180

    Refused delivery Fri 4/20 :/

    Bummed to report that I ended up refusing delivery of our white M3 at the Fremont delivery center on Friday because of a deep scratch on the front quarter panel just ahead of the passenger side door, behind the passenger front wheel well, about 12-18 inches from the ground. The scratch was very...
  22. A

    Franz von Holzhausen personally delivered my Model 3

    At the Marina Del Rey delivery center last night, just as I was finishing signing my paperwork, my delivery specialist said "Alright, let's take you out to your car." At that very moment, another employee came up to him and said, "Actually Franz is going to take him to the car." The first...
  23. TheyCallMeJohn

    What comes with the Model 3?

    Sorry if this is a duplicate thread but I wanted to know the follwoing: What comes with the car when you pick it up? Is anything I need to order separately?. I placed my order last Thursday and am getting excited! Midnight Silver with Aero Wheels.
  24. RunCycle

    Where are the delivery centers?

    And how does one find out where they are? Do you pick when you order? Do they pick for you based on your address? I'm trying to determine if a Fremont delivery or somewhere else would be best for me.
  25. A

    Canadian Delivery Estimates Updated

    This just happened today, I had checked just yesterday and it had just simply stated "Late 2018". I posted this in Model 3 facebook group and reddit, looks like a lot of Americans had their delivery estimates updated today but instead of pushed forward, had them pushed back? Wonder if its...
  26. J

    What to look out for & One Month Review

    Our Model 3 is one month old. Here's some things to look out for when you get yours:
  27. MelindaV

    Members' Delivery Photos Thread (no chatter)

    Now that 'non-insiders' are beginning to confirm orders, and expect delivery within 4 weeks, thought it would be fun to compile a list of members' delivery photos as a way to put a username to a face & car. Please post a photo of you and your Model 3 at the delivery center (like the example...
  28. TrevP

    Delivery estimator survey for Canadians

    It's my thinking based on Twitter feeds that all of Canada is getting the same estimate if you put down your deposit on or after March 31 2016. I've attached a screen shot for reference. Please answer yes or no if your date says the same. If you have a different estimate please attach a screen...
  29. $ Trillion Musk

    POLL: Who is watching the Model 3 reveal tonight?

    Lots of excitement for tonight's event! Would like to gauge how many people in this forum plan to watch live. As for me it all depends whether the baby wakes up around that time, so the answer for me is MAYBE.
  30. Mike

    Delivery Checklist

    While reading about a serious (Model S) delivery issue at this TMC thread: ......I came across this link to a pre delivery checklist put together by a Model S owner. It may prove to be a useful tool come delivery time...