delivery photos

  1. T

    Tesla lot full of model 3s

    First time post & new User! Was driving in Santa Ana calif and spotted all these beautiful babes.
  2. A

    Franz von Holzhausen personally delivered my Model 3

    At the Marina Del Rey delivery center last night, just as I was finishing signing my paperwork, my delivery specialist said "Alright, let's take you out to your car." At that very moment, another employee came up to him and said, "Actually Franz is going to take him to the car." The first...
  3. MelindaV

    Members' Delivery Photos Thread (no chatter)

    Now that 'non-insiders' are beginning to confirm orders, and expect delivery within 4 weeks, thought it would be fun to compile a list of members' delivery photos as a way to put a username to a face & car. Please post a photo of you and your Model 3 at the delivery center (like the example...