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  1. TrevP

    Cybertruck Wallpaper

    I've attached some Cybretruck renders you can use as wallpaper on your computer. Let me know if there's a particular angle you'd like and I'll make some more. Enjoy!
  2. TrevP

    HOT Software V11 speculation

    Hey guys, just wanted to start a V11 speculation thread to see if anyone has any ideas on what to expect. Let me first start by mentioning we *could* have already seen the UI direction Tesla may take during the Cybertruck reveal last year. It clearly had a new design they were playing with...
  3. Curt Renz

    Cubertruck on Display in Los Angeles

    Electrek - half hour ago: Tesla Cybertruck is making display debut at the Petersen Automotive Museum - Electrek
  4. TrevP

    Official Change of plans on size

    Elon has just confirmed they’re keeping the final design the same size as the prototype. He had said earlier this year they would shrink it by 3-5% but have decided against that.

    Cybertruck 'Plug and Play' T-Shirt

    For more information visit: USE CODE: KITTY5 to receive $5 offer orders of $50 or more. The Tesla Cybertruck is coming, and when it does, it will disrupt the truck market in much the same way that Models S, X, and 3 disrupted the...

    What if there was an electric bike inspired by Tesla's Cybertruck? [Video]

    Originally published at on March 1, 2020. Cyber is in, folks. Even though Tesla's Cybertruck unveil was considered controversial at the beginning, some grew to believe the idea was genius. And as time passed by, the design seems to have grown on more and more people. Last we...
  7. MountainPass

    Model 3 5% Dyno Test! Black Friday! New Product Teasers!

    And you thought that all you’d be talking about today was the Cyber truck. No no my friends, let us give you something to distract you from that. You may love it, or you may hate it. We’re going to make parts for it either way, and if we’re honest we hope the production truck will be a little...
  8. $ Trillion Musk

    Cybertruck game changing feature

    Elon had mentioned that the Tesla Pickup will have a game changing feature. Care to guess what it is? My guess would be a retractable truck bed such that the pickup transforms between Deckard’s Sedan mode and truck mode.

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