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Jeda - Top Tesla Accessories
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    SALES LIVE ON THE WEBSITE! Thanks for your support $10 off Jeda USB Hub: jedahub $20 off Jeda Wireless Pad: jedapad $40 off Jeda Bundle: jedabundle
  2. Jeda Products

    Tesla Model Y USB Hub (Jeda USB Hub for the Model Y)

    Hello all, We are currently working on a USB Hub for the Tesla Model Y, as well as some other Model 3/Model Y projects we've had in the pipeline for a while. Please subscribe here for updates on the Tesla Model Y USB Hub:
  3. Akurtts

    Highly recommended - North Carolina Tint Installer

    Hi All - Not sure where this should go but just had our windows tinted by Kevin here in Greensboro, NC and he's amazing - knows exactly how to work with the Model 3 and knocked it out within a day. I wanted to share his info here because I had a difficult time tracking down a reputable window...
  4. R

    Product Review Excellent Stealth Hitch System for Tesla Model 3

    I want to recommend a hitch system for the Tesla Model 3, I had one installed on my TM3 AWD in mid-November 2018 and I can personally vouch for its quality and the company behind it (an unpaid/uncompensated recommendation):
  5. Rbrooks84

    Add your aftermarket accessories + customizations

    Finally picked up my Model 3 over the past week and am so excited to make it MINE. What are some must-haves you've added on to yours?