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    Tesla Wall Charger unit stopped working

    I ordered my Tesla model 3 performance on April 1, 2016 and got delivery in September 2018 in Vancouver along with the Tesla wall charger I purchased . I love my Tesla and the model 3 but lately I am starting to question Tesla’s customer service ame how they treat existing customers - so much...
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    Tesla Energy -- Worst experience

    Tesla customer service is non-existent. Terrible experience from the start. I should of listen to my gut and NOT used them. I ordered the panels July 2020. They installed the equipment in December 2020. So may excuses and delays that it is just ridiculous. The first rep they assigned me never...
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    Where do I find help

    I'd been talking with my customer service rep for weeks about how to buy a special off menu performance model 3. They found one for me in Kansas City Missouri, and my local rep called me to tell me about the price drop, and that I should move forward with the purchase we'd been talking about for...