curb rash

Jeda - Top Tesla Accessories
  1. John

    Model Y Rim Touchup on the Cheap

    Unfortunately, when a family member scuffs the Model Y 20” induction wheels, the damage is super obvious. Luckily, I had the proper repair tool. Final result looks great: Kit can be purchased here for $5.97.
  2. barjohn

    Front Camera for Parking

    Like many other owners of Teslas it can be a pain when parking and trying to avoid scraping the front lower lip on a curb or parking stop that is higher than the clearance of the lip. The location of the parking sensors is high enough on the front bumpers such that its angle of view downward is...
  3. pjfw8

    18" Wheel Curb Rash Paint Color?

    So I hit the curb! The wheel has a 4 inch scrape revealing the black primer and a little shiny metal. The damage is cosmetic only. Is there a decent grey paint match? The aero cap is fine.