cruise control

  1. jeadly

    Question Standard (non AP TACC) Cruise Misbehavior

    Note: I'm a LEMR without AP, so there's a fairly small sample size of you out there who may replicate. I've noticed several times now that when I have Cruise Control set and use the accelerator to manually increase speed for a moment, the car will "forget" that CC is engaged and decelerate...
  2. Teslaquila

    Multiple Errors: Traction Control / Cruise / Regen / Emergency Braking Disabled

    [Mod note: multiple threads about seeing several error messages at once due to issues with the 12V battery have been merged. See post #9 for a more typical scenario.] yesterday, i started driving and noticed that the regenerative braking wasn't working and the above warnings were cycling...
  3. Pinewold

    Official Autopilot OFFICIAL THREAD

    Is it Autopilot 2.0 and/or battery 2.0 and/or will it include production intent Model 3? Autopilot 2.0 seems to be the most likely, There are stories about new power walls doubling in battery capacity because they are based on 20170's? If it were Autopilot 2.0, it would make sense to put in...