1. BLDRN3R

    Member Dashcam Videos

    I caught this on my ride home last the feature
  2. NJturtlePower

    You think this guardrail will buff right out? MUST SEE!!!

    Model 3 shish kabob anyone? :eek:
  3. Waterhouse

    Rear-End Accident Update / Repairs Complete

    As an update to: Full backstory for anyone else, stolen from my reddit post: Picked up my new Model 3 on August 9th - delivery was awesome, car was great. Took off my aeros, kept the car clean, took probably 30+...
  4. PNWmisty

    Fatal Fort Worth crash NOT involving a Tesla The vehicle makes were not disclosed. How do we know it didn't involve a Tesla? 1) Vehicle makes were not disclosed. 2) The story has not been picked up by national media but it happened over an hour ago.