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  1. Maurice

    CPOs “Not Refurbished”?

    I just went and looked at a CPO Model S on Tesla’s site and this disclaimer was on at least two: "Not Refurbished This car has passed a 70-point mechanical inspection and will be cleaned before delivery. If you would like any additional work that is not covered under your warranty, we can...
  2. TrevP

    Shaking the piggy bank...

    As I'm want to do on occasion I dropped into the local Tesla shop in Toronto today just to see how things are going in the CPO department. I like to check on prices and availability from time to time just to get a feel for the land since we still don't know Model 3 pricing yet. Let's just say...
  3. TrevP

    CPOs after December 31 lose lifetime Supercharging

    A few days ago a Tesla removed all references to Supercharging from their CPO site. Many were thinking,including myself, that means Tesla is removing Free lifetime Supercharging for CPOs and moving their fleet of used cars to the new credit system. Today I received positive confirmation from...