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  1. osovega40

    Charge port lock stuck (frozen)

    Got home today and tried to plug in the car and the lock pin is stuck in the up position with a blue flashing light. There is also a continuos clicking as if it’s trying to unlock it but can’t. Spoke to service on the phone and they said it may have to do with the temp (currently sitting at...
  2. crmatson

    Iowa Maryland Trip

    Taking delivery of my Performance Model 3 in September 2018 was the culmination of years of saving and planning. Having no Tesla presence in Iowa, forums like the Model 3 Owners Club have been an invaluable resource. I continued driving my 2004 Honda Civic for years as I considered a Model S and...
  3. TetonTesla

    Banging sound while climbing hills in cold weather

    Greetings! Brand new M3 Dual Motor Extended Range owner. Overall I'm thrilled with the car! But having one issue that I've seen posted on Tesla forums, but not here. I've searched on this forum and don't see any threads about same issue. When driving over mountain pass in cold weather (<32...
  4. Agreco

    Cold Weather Home Charging

    We all know that that Model 3 does not have a dedicated battery heater to condition the pack, and that it uses waste heat generated from charging and the motor. My question is.. How do you know if the battery is preconditioning or preheating? I know theres the little battery icon on the app...
  5. Mesprit87

    Door handle and ice

    Any of you experienced an ice storm with your model 3 yet? I think we got at least 5 storms this winter and it seems the trend is going up. The icing is also often followed by a cold wave which doesn't help. What are the options other than heating the interior until it melts or a blow torch? I...