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  1. E

    Rear Camera Lens

    Has anyone noticed as their car gets older that the rear camera doesn't stay as clean as it used to? I feel like dirt or water if it rains doesn't shed off the camera lens and 8/10 times I can't use the camera at all when backing up. Luckily the side-mirrors tilt down, which helps a ton, but I...
  2. E

    Touchless Car Wash - SF Bay Area

    So I’m sitting in the line waiting for a car wash and I figured I’d ask about the carwashes that you all like/prefer/recommend. I always go to the Shell on the corner of El Camino Real/Sneath in San Bruno since its touchless, the 5th or 6th wash is free, and there’s a light show for an added...
  3. P

    Northern Virginia Car Wash Tesla Model 3

    I have been having difficulty finding areas where to clean my red tesla model 3 in northern virginia. I am located around south riding area and have not been able to find any good car washes that are brush-less. Any suggestions on where to take tesla model 3 vehicles for car wash? I do not want...
  4. GateFather

    Salty Roads, Dirty Tesla, Solution?

    We had our first snowfall accumulation (ok, second) but first of the true winter last week. Of course the roads get covered in layers of salt and brine. I understand why, but it left my 3 week old Model 3 looking dirty and while I’ve never been neurotic about cleanliness on my vehicles, it’s a...
  5. Anesthesia Adam

    Did they patch my roof tint?!?!

    So I love my Model 3 with a deep passion. I love and believe in Tesla! That is part of why I was ok with a horrible home delivery experience (her Uber arrived before I finished signing papers) and zero contact or follow up by my delivery advisor starting a full week before my delivery. I had a...
  6. C

    Transfer stain on ultra white perforated seats

    Ironically, I laid out a clean black trash bag on my back seat to protect the seat from another bag I had in the car that had garbage in it. Unfortunately, the black bag seems to have left a transfer stain (black / bluish) on my back seat!! I tried mild soap and water and that did absolutely...