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  1. C

    Is a slower charge beneficial for the long-term health of the batteries?

    I have a SR+ and the max inverter current is 32 amps, to charge at a rate of 32 miles per hour. When charging, there is the option to decrease the max current from 32 to something less. Most nights that I charge, it is overnight, starting before 5 pm, and lasting until the morning, say 5:30...
  2. McT3slaGo

    Question Regional energy plan changes for home charging

    philadelphia area PECO customer - does anyone know if there is an off-peak energy program/rate available for peco customers looking to charge at night? I just called PECO cust svc but they didn’t seem to know anything. Best I could get was that current rates were $0.068 per KWh. If I am doing my...
  3. S

    My car stops charging every time is locks!

    Hello! I just purchased my mode 3 yesterday, and went to charge it but I noticed that every time the car locks itself, it stops charging in which makes me have to go into the app to unlock for it to charge for a little bit more . Please help!
  4. C

    Charge Cable Release For Non Tesla Wall Charger

    Hi All, First post here after watching Trevor's great work for over 3+ years. I am eagerly getting ready for my Model 3 arrival in the UK after a long wait. In the UK we have a government grant for £500 against approved home chargers. Unfortunately the Tesla Wall Charger is not approved. I...
  5. G

    Charging at 32amps vs. Panel Replacement to 200amp Panel

    New M3 RWD owner still looking into my options for home charging. I had an electrician whom I found recommended on here out to my house to look at everything. Initially he came back and told me that I would need to upgrade my 100amp panel to a 200amp panel to handle the load. He quoted me...
  6. djejnyc

    No Home Charging thread

    Hello Fellow M3 owners! This thread is to discuss those of us who DON'T have home charging options. I live in an apartment building in Brooklyn, NY. We park in the garage in the building next door and have no chance to put in any type of charger. There's two superchargers nearby, one 30mins...
  7. James G.

    Mobile charger

  8. P3D4DPA

    3D printed J1772 Adapter Thingy

    I am sharing a 32A charger with my spouse and her Chevy Bolt EV and use that Tesla-supplied small adapter for the ChargePoint plug. It was beginning to be a nuisance to put it in the trunk, have it roll around the centre console, or fear constantly misplacing it in the garage. So I...
  9. Bobby Garrity

    320kW Charging?

    Some simple math reveals that the new Roadster should be capable of charging at at least 320kW. Let's take a look: -The Long Range Model 3, with a 75kWh battery, can achieve a peak charging rate of 120kW on a Supercharger -The base model new Roadster has a 200kWh battery -(120kW/75kWh) * 200kWh...
  10. Megagreg

    Charging best practices when street parking

    Hi all, Just got my Model 3, and this is only my second post to the Forum. Please forgive me if this question is redundant but… At my house I don't have a garage, driveway or carport, so I'm forced to park my M3 on the street by my house. Fortunately the closest parking space is always...
  11. T

    DIY mobile charger installation - NEMA 14-50 240V 50amp

    Just wanted to share a video I made of my own DIY installation of a charging station for my new Model 3. It’s good for charging at up to 40 amps if your charger supports it. I took queues from other threads here while making material and installation decisions. Here’s a link to the video on...
  12. ADK46

    Fixing corroded charging plugs

    I just read a “road trip” thread that described some charging plugs that were so badly corroded they didn’t work. That was the conclusion, anyway. I am familiar with a electrical corrosion product that I use in an old car with notorious electrical issues, and also used by audio technicians...
  13. sjcsale

    Schedule Charging and Time of Use Electricity Rate

    I have had Model 3 for 2 months and currently, I charge it when ever I wish. I am on a fixed rate plan with my electric company and didn't switch to time-of-use rate plan, because wanted to see what kind of usage I put on with Model 3 charging and if time-of-use will make sense. With 2 months...
  14. CoastalCruiser

    Unofficial Tesla Model 3 Home Charging Guide now available With the questions about charging a Model 3 ramping nearly as fast as the car itself it seemed that a comprehensive resource that folks could link to might be helpful. This charging guide is Model 3 specific, providing an overview...
  15. thredge

    My little electrical project.

    OK, didn’t want to hijack any other threads with this, so made a new one. WARNING, CraZy Projekt uNdeR WheY!
  16. Bokonon

    POLL: Mobile Connector + NEMA 14-50 + GFCI Breaker Reliability

    There are some anecdotal reports of interrupted charging sessions floating around from some Tesla Owners who charge with the Mobile Connector plugged into a NEMA 14-50 outlet on a circuit with a GFCI breaker. The typical case is a NEMA 14-50 receptacle installed near a driveway, parking space...
  17. JMZ

    ... unlocking the charge port (3rd party Level 2 chargers)

    Hello, all ... My previous car was a 2017 Chevy Volt. When I plugged it into an L2 charger, it didn't lock the port (though one could configure it to emit an infernal howl if it was unplugged without unlocking the driver's door first). The M3, though, locks the port. While this is cool...
  18. jn31l

    Road Trip Charging Strategy

    Hey guys, looking for some advice on charging strategy. I think I know the answer but hoping I'm missing something. My apartment has paid level 2 charging where you pay per hour that you are parked at the charger ( pay whether your car is full, charging or not charging, as long as...
  19. R

    Charge Port Door - Manual Open Broke

    Charge port door will not open when manually pressed. This is caused by a missing parallelogram shaped piece of metal on the lower right underside of the door detaching. This metal piece falls off with a simple touch and can be lost very easily. So far my Model 3 and my father's have both had...
  20. K

    Workplace Charging - who has it/how much does it cost?

    Just curious - how many of you have workplace charging available for your Model 3? Workplace charging is essential, especially for those who don't have access to charging infrastructure at home. I live in a multi-dwelling unit and don't have the option of installing a dedicated EV charger...
  21. K

    120v at 20amp charming Model 3

    Hi Everyone, I live in a condo and my HOA will not allow me to increase the power to my person outlet in my parking spot. Currently I have a single dedicated receptacle that is running 120v at 20 amps to a dedicated 20 amp breaker. I’m wondering how many miles per hour of charge I would get...
  22. BLDRN3R

    Power Meter - Dots for less power?

    So I noticed this the other day and decided to see if it would come back. As the battery in my M3 gets lower and lower I see dots beginning to appear on the far right edge of the power meter (see attached photo). The most I have seen is three dots when I was down to about 50 miles of range...
  23. J

    SDG&E Standard vs TOU-2 Plans for Charging Tesla?

    I live in San Diego. We have had PV Solar on our roof for about two years, generating 140-150% of our use every year, without EVs - we originally sized the system with the idea of getting EVs later. Now, we have just taken delivery of two Tesla Model 3s :). I have calculated that, based on our...
  24. wontmatterlater

    Best electrical provider for New Jersey?

    I live in New Jersey and am currently a PSE&G customer. I recently received a letter from NRG that offers the ability to switch to them and they have a number of plans including a 100% wind plan. My questions for the fellow New Jersians are: 1. Best electrical provider to go renewable? 2...
  25. theishu

    Charging Cable Too Short?

    Has anyone found their 20' UMC or 25' HPWC cables to be too short to reach the car? I don't have a garage, and I have a reserved parking space in front of the house. If I install a NEMA or HPWC outlet on the house exterior, I would still need 35 to 40 feet of cable to run from the wall, along...
  26. A

    Plugged in just at night, or all day and all night?

    I've read that "a plugged in Tesla is a happy Tesla" and plan to have my Model 3 plugged in every night at home. My workplace is going to be installing Tesla chargers soon however, which would allow me to charge at the office on the days that I'm there and save the electricity on my home bill...
  27. TC3Tesla

    Charging in Korea

    Tesla’s in Korea: Same charging port on car as in the US? Same Supercharger plug as in US? Can US spec car be used in Korea? If not, timeline for Model 3 delivery in Korea? We will be US military stationed in Korea. Greatly appreciate any info. Thanks
  28. Kizzy

    Dryer outlet charging outside

    I've considering using the dryer outlet through a window one house level above the driveway for my charging needs but am concerned about constantly plugging and unplugging from the outlet (also about the length of any extension cord required). Is anyone familiar with any kind of splitter as the...
  29. RichK

    Level 1 Charging

    Picking up our M3 tomorrow, I was talking to our local delivery specialist in Rockville MD about not yet having a second L2 charger for it. He suggested that maybe we could get by on a level 1 in the meantime as the M3 will do 5 or 6 mph charging at 120 V. IF that's true, 6 mph charging would...
  30. Marcumar

    Charging Security

    The largest european hacker association (chaos computer club) held its annual meeting in my hometown these last days. There was a quite interesting talk about charging security that I like to share with you (available in german and english)...