charging stations

  1. T

    Sheetz and Tesla - a terrific match

    About a year ago, Forbes printed a piece that says Sheetz was in talks with Tesla about installing charging stations. I didn't hear anything about it for a long time, but lately people on Facebook have been tagging me in pictures/posts saying "hey look at these things installed at Sheetz!" (They...
  2. ChargePoint

    Hello from ChargePoint!

    Hey everyone, Team ChargePoint here! We’ve recently joined the community and we're thrilled to be here taking part in the discussions around EVs! If you’re not yet familiar with ChargePoint, we’re the world's largest electric vehicle charging network. You’ve probably seen our charging spots...
  3. Mr. Watts

    IFTTT and EV's

    3 things I was thinking about with using IFTTT (If this then that) to get information that would make driving EV's fun and easy to manage. 1'st would be a recipe for solar energy production of solar panels if any. Would be cool to have a universal channel for all PV systems 2nd would be to...