charging issue

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  1. D

    When to remove charge cable

    Does anyone know if it matters when you remove the charging cable after the Model 3 has stopped charging? At home I charge with a Tesla wall connector that's on a 60amp / 235volt circuit. (Of course it only draws 48amps.) Is there any advantage to leaving the cable attached, or can it cause a...
  2. Bokonon

    POLL: Mobile Connector + NEMA 14-50 + GFCI Breaker Reliability

    There are some anecdotal reports of interrupted charging sessions floating around from some Tesla Owners who charge with the Mobile Connector plugged into a NEMA 14-50 outlet on a circuit with a GFCI breaker. The typical case is a NEMA 14-50 receptacle installed near a driveway, parking space...
  3. A

    M3 Charge speed reduced

    Hello Everyone, Does anyone have an issue with Level 2 charging? I've wired situation for the charging process I got an error message "Charge speed reduced, unplug and try again" on charging process. I tried to unplug and plug, and changed the charging stations. I still have the same...
  4. Martins

    Charging issue on 1 month old model 3 ~1,000miles

    Hello all, First time Tesla owner here and a proud owner of a brand new model 3. I had my first “major issue” with car yesterday. After a 90% charge over night, I drove the car for the first time that day. And after about 1 minute of driving, 2 notifications popped up. One says “unable to...