charging an ev


    Help reduce peak energy demand by 80%, simply by charging your Tesla.

    We’re delighted to share some of the fantastic insights we’ve gained as a strategic partner in the UK’s largest smart charging trial! Through the Shift project, we’ve been working with UK Power Networks to trail market-based incentives for smart electric vehicle charging.’s customer...
  2. A

    Apartment ev charging billing without dedicated meter

    My apartment complex is willing to rent out a parking spot with a charging outlet to individuals on a monthly basis. However, I've been told that they have no way of tracking its electricity on its own; it shares a meter with other appliances. Since there are 2 spots right next to each other...
  3. ChargePoint

    Hello from ChargePoint!

    Hey everyone, Team ChargePoint here! We’ve recently joined the community and we're thrilled to be here taking part in the discussions around EVs! If you’re not yet familiar with ChargePoint, we’re the world's largest electric vehicle charging network. You’ve probably seen our charging spots...
  4. Model3GER

    CCS Charging - Plug

    Apparently there are not so many fellow germans active here. But this is relevant for almost all of Europe, since major car manufacturer have signed the initiative (VW, Porsche, Daimler, BMW, Volvo). Tesla and Farraday Future did also recently. This plug allows AC and DC charging using a...
  5. Red

    Which is better?

    Is it better for the battery if you charge as slow as possible (Lvl 1) whenever possible? Or does it not matter at all when it comes to battery degradation? Thx.