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  1. P

    Paint bubbles?

    I have a 2018 LR RWD that was ceramic coated right after I got the car. I noticed what I thought was sap last summer but was unable to get it to come off. I finally had time to get a detailer to look at the car and they said they think the paint or clear coat is bubbling under the ceramic pro...
  2. natejara

    Question Tear in coating/paint

    I have a Model 3 with full ceramic coating over the whole body. Ceramic Pro Gold Coating was done about 9 months ago. Has anyone seen this before? Seems like a tear in the coating/paint?? It’s on the passenger side rocker panel. Also having trouble removing tar from the rockers with normal...
  3. Omega

    Ceramic Pro Coating Service in Houston

    Thanks to the recommendation from Ibukun (aka @JOUL3S), I just used the coating service from David. This man is very careful with his work and super details in his job for all parts of my car (body, glasses, wheel rims under aero cap, and even the nuts on the wheels!!!). My M3 still looks...
  4. S

    Southern California Installer: Wicked Auto Detailing

    Hello! We just wanted to say hello from Wicked Auto Detailing in Costa Mesa California! We offer Feynlab ceramic coatings as well as many other paint protection and restyling services. We have a lot of experience with Tesla and we also have a direct relationship with Costa Mesa Tesla service...