ceramic coating

  1. Frodo

    ceramic sealing for multicoat red, useful?

    I am planning to do a ceramic sealing for my Tesla Model 3 Multicoat Red but i am unsure if it is useful at all? I am parking lot of outside. What do you think? How does a ceramic sealing affect the car paint?

    FAQ Coating Chemistries, and Differentiating Marketing Terms from Actual Chemistry

    At Feynlab, we truly believe we have the best products, and a deeper understanding of chemistry than most of our competitors. Occasionally, a marketing term becomes synonymous with a chemical term, and we get asked when we will release a similar product. It is annoying for us at Feynlab when...
  3. P

    Paint bubbles?

    I have a 2018 LR RWD that was ceramic coated right after I got the car. I noticed what I thought was sap last summer but was unable to get it to come off. I finally had time to get a detailer to look at the car and they said they think the paint or clear coat is bubbling under the ceramic pro...
  4. A

    Feynlab installer- Orlando, Fl.

    Auto Salon of Orlando is the city's premiere provider of fine line automotive detailing, window tinting, PPF, ceramic, paint correction and vehicle wrapping services. We have the professional experience, use the highest quality materials and employ state of the art techniques to achieve the...
  5. Omega

    Ceramic Pro Coating Service in Houston

    Thanks to the recommendation from Ibukun (aka @JOUL3S), I just used the coating service from David. This man is very careful with his work and super details in his job for all parts of my car (body, glasses, wheel rims under aero cap, and even the nuts on the wheels!!!). My M3 still looks...
  6. m3_4_wifey

    DIY Ceramic Coating?

    Hi Everyone, We just got our red AWD Model 3 yesterday! I'm lining up a professional to do the PPF for the front end, which hopefully will help with the gravel roads we have in the Northeast. My wife thought I was crazy for putting a wrap on the car, but she has come around. Going the...

    Big THANK YOU & Coupon

    Hi Everyone, I wanted to take a quick second and give everyone in here a HUGE THANK YOU for your support of our products and more importantly our professional installers. We have received great feedback about the members in this group from our installer network and I would venture to say that...
  8. Tesla Newbie

    Houston Resource Recommendations and Rants

    This is a space to share your experiences with resources in the Houston area. My list is all recommendations; I've had nothing but positive experiences with all of these guys. All have given me permission to post their contact details here. An Honest Electrician Before delivery I had my...
  9. AndyN

    Feynlab - Wergs Automotive Detail Sarasota FL

    Just had Feynlab Heal Lite coating installed on my Model 3 by Wergs Automotive Detail in Sarasota FL. Meticulous work - very pleased - looking top-notch and ready to take on whatever weather comes our way. If you're looking for Feynlab in the Sarasota / Bradenton FL area, give Brandon (at...

    FEYNLAB & Tesla - A Match Made in Heaven

    Hello Tesla Model 3 owners and fans. We are extremely excited to be a sponsoring vendor on this forum and look forward to getting to know you all over the coming years as more and more Model 3's are coming off the production line and into your driveways. As many of you have read or...
  11. S

    Southern California Installer: Wicked Auto Detailing

    Hello! We just wanted to say hello from Wicked Auto Detailing in Costa Mesa California! We offer Feynlab ceramic coatings as well as many other paint protection and restyling services. We have a lot of experience with Tesla and we also have a direct relationship with Costa Mesa Tesla service...
  12. Relentlessshine

    San Antonio Installer Checking In! Relentless Shine LLC

    Hello All, We just wanted to take a moment and let everyone know that we are the only Feynlab installer in San Antonio, TX. We are here to serve the Tesla Community and are anxiously awaiting Model 3 arrivals. Please look us up for your Paint Protection and Tint needs!
  13. wontmatterlater

    PPF installer in NJ near Livingston or house visit

    Has anyone got their Model 3 wrapped with xpel in New Jersey? Preferably near Livingston. Or are there any good installers that do it in your garage?
  14. Bryan@Peachstate Detail

    Peachstate Detail of Atlanta Model 3s Detailed and Ceramic Coated

    This Model 3 came from an existing client who also has a blue MX that we did the same to. Under 500 miles. Just came from Atlanta Protective Films where it received a "full front" paint protection film and tint (sides and one piece on the full rear glass GA legal 32%) from Executive tint at the...