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  1. S

    Interesting...Tesla Model 3 not allowed at a carwash

    I happened to drive by this top-rated full service car wash in northern NJ today and spotted this interesting sign. They actually had 3 identical signs posted, one located right at the entrance on the main thoroughfare. Of course, I couldn’t resist stopping by to see if I could get some...
  2. P

    Northern Virginia Car Wash Tesla Model 3

    I have been having difficulty finding areas where to clean my red tesla model 3 in northern virginia. I am located around south riding area and have not been able to find any good car washes that are brush-less. Any suggestions on where to take tesla model 3 vehicles for car wash? I do not want...
  3. GateFather

    Salty Roads, Dirty Tesla, Solution?

    We had our first snowfall accumulation (ok, second) but first of the true winter last week. Of course the roads get covered in layers of salt and brine. I understand why, but it left my 3 week old Model 3 looking dirty and while I’ve never been neurotic about cleanliness on my vehicles, it’s a...
  4. M

    Car Wash Before Delivery

    I have two questions about keeping my Model 3 clean and having none to little scratches on it. 1. Has anyone asked the Tesla store to not wash their car? Normally when car dealerships wash cars, they scratch up the paint and add some swirl marks on a brand new car! I would not want my new...

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