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  1. TrevP

    HOT Heat pump failure in extreme cold

    Post from Tesla owners club of saskatchewan…. Just got some really encouraging news, and context re. Climate system from our amazing tech at Tesla Saskatoon, as we dropped off our 2022 Model 3 this AM. I wanted to share to help others: Tesla is taking this cold weather climate problem very...
  2. D

    Model Y on the Canadian Prairies

    Hey folks, I'm new here. You can see from my profile I'm not an owner. I'm very excited about the idea of EVs. I've been reading mostly about Tesla for a few months now and get a kick out of how passionate Tesla owners are, and conversely, how idiotic die-hard ICE fans can be. I admire and...
  3. Mesprit87

    SR battery pack open

    Found this video from guys down in Nova Scotia. They actually have a few interesting videos. In this one they visit the Dalhousie research center. The way they hooked up the leaf battery pack, you know they know what they're doing. They were in the process of hooking up the SR pack for similar...
  4. TrevP

    Model 3 standard and SR+ qualify for Canada’s federal EV rebate

    Model 3 standard range and SR+ both qualify for the Canada Federal EV rebate according to Tesla. However they’re not listed on the Transport Canada website (yet)
  5. MountainPass

    THE FUTURE - Our Tesla Model 3 Development Car

    One of the first in Canada, our Model 3 has already been taken apart and put back together many times. It has taken us to the top of the podium at the racetrack, and also for long comfortable trips to the cottage. We have made a project page to share it's journey, from brand new and stock to...
  6. schnitzelboy

    Rimsavers Canada - anyone order from them?

    I'm looking to order a set of Rim Savers...the US site (which seems to be an offshoot/licensee of the UK brand) doesn't ship to Canada...and I just found - which doesn't claim to be related to either the US or UK brand. Has anyone ordered from these folks before? They talk...
  7. S

    GTA Condo Install

    I know this is a rare situation but I live in a condo in Toronto that will allow me to install a wall charger for my Model 3. I’m wondering if anyone has a condo parking spot where they had a charger installed and roughly what costs were involved. Any recomendd electricians? Thanks
  8. Tony_YYZ

    Ontario EHVIP Rebate for the Model 3 - Information Thread

    All, Since conversations on this topic has been spanning across multiple threads, I have decided to create a new thread where we can discuss this and have the most up to date information posted here. What we know: The Model 3 meets all of the qualifications set out by the EHVIP program and...
  9. TrevP

    Model 3 Official Canadian Base price is $45,600

    Model 3 official Canadian base price starts at $45,600. My estimate was BANG ON! #tesla #model3
  10. MichelT3

    Steel and aluminium tariffs

    Today we are surprised by the news that Trump wants to instate import tariffs for steel and aluminium, of 25 and 10 %. I want to keep this thread factual and to avoid a political discussion. However, that announcement has already led to a (to be expected) respons by the EU (European Union)...
  11. A

    Canadian Delivery Estimates Updated

    This just happened today, I had checked just yesterday and it had just simply stated "Late 2018". I posted this in Model 3 facebook group and reddit, looks like a lot of Americans had their delivery estimates updated today but instead of pushed forward, had them pushed back? Wonder if its...
  12. TrevP

    Please help make Condominium EV charging possible in Ontario

    Many people in Ontario would like to own an EV but live in a condo and are unable to secure EV charging. The government has proposed changes to the Condominium Act that will make it easier for condo owners to charge their EV at home! Please take 2 minutes to show your support before the January...
  13. TrevP

    Delivery estimator survey for Canadians

    It's my thinking based on Twitter feeds that all of Canada is getting the same estimate if you put down your deposit on or after March 31 2016. I've attached a screen shot for reference. Please answer yes or no if your date says the same. If you have a different estimate please attach a screen...
  14. Tony_YYZ

    Recommended Electricians for Charger Installation

    Hi All, Just wondering if we could get a list going of Electricians in various part of Canada that users have used to get their HPWC, NEMA 14-50, Juicebox, etc installed at reasonable rates. I have read a lot of stories about customers being price gouged once they hear you are installing a...
  15. Tony_YYZ

    Had an overnight demo of a Model S

    I had an overnight demo of a Model S 75D last night. It was my first time driving a Tesla. And I have to say....WOW! The driving dynamic of that car is completely different than anything I've ever driven before. That low center of gravity made it handle like a champ. Acceleration was so...
  16. Tom Bodera

    Electrical Vehicle Incentives Ontario

    We all new about the vehicle incentive of up to $14,000 (potential for Model 3, $3000 for S and X) + $1000 for charger at home. But look at this Rumor. "Queen’s Park is negotiating with Ottawa to get the 13-per-cent harmonized sales tax removed from electric cars by 2018."...
  17. TrevP

    MTO Discussion Paper on Electric Vehicle Incentive Initiatives under the Climate Change Action Plan

    This just popped up. Ken and I were discussion it during our show recording today but Ontarians should consult this and send in their feedback ASAP before it expires November 14 2016!!! Let's keep the rebates going and keep them fair...
  18. TrevP

    Toronto Hybrid & electric Car Monthly Meeting

    Tuesday, September 27, 2016 7:00 PM Windfall Ecology Centre 93A Industrial Parkway South, Aurora, ON (map) Come along the extra long, bumpy driveway and come in the front door. Price: CAD6.00 /per person Please join us for an evening meeting at Windfall Ecology Centre in Aurora. We'll...
  19. TrevP

    Potentioal Good deal on a Model S if someone is interested...

    Just saw these on autotrader... Located in Sydney NS. Might be a good deal for someone who doesn't want to wait for a Model 3 but details are scarce. Give them a call if you're interested...
  20. TrevP

    Model X trek across Canada

    Just in case some of you are not aware, there's a couple who I think took delivery of the very first Model X in Canada who are doing a cross-country trek with a camper in tow. You can find their website here for the latest developments: @Kennethbokor and I have been...
  21. Thalass

    Ontario government to install charging stations. 500 EV stations in Ontario, some of them level 3! Nice.
  22. tesla4therestofus

    Canadian pricing

    I was wondering what thoughts Canadian reservation holders have on possible Canadian pricing for the Model 3. Tesla has been very transparent in the past with Canadian pricing and prices still appear in line...