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  1. A

    Wrong way driver. Need to access recording. Please help

    Driving home last night on surface streets and came this close to not even getting to post this thread. Guy is in my lane. Imagine seeing headlights coming straight at you! I swerved not even thinking who was in the next lane. Question is, did my Y record that moment and if so, how would I...
  2. Y

    no cams recording

    Hi all, Got my tesla 2 weeks ago. Since then no dashcam records were made, never saw the red dot. what I've tried to do with no results: - Tried to reformat the original disk on key. - Tried to use another disk on key. - tried the hard reset and the factory reset Other info: - I can format the...
  3. JWardell

    V10 Feature: Smart Summon

    Well your wait is finally over, v10 with Smart Summon is finally rolling out to the public in 2019.32.10!! Please be careful when using it, and make sure it is in a quiet lot, with your car within sight at all times, and get ready to run and jump in if it gets stuck in an embarrassing place...
  4. X

    Right-repeater camera glitches on Sentry Mode

    Footage from my right side repeater camera always have glitches when recorded on Sentry Mode. Every recorded footage by the right repeater have glitches. I don't see any issues on footages recorded during regular driving. All other cameras are fine. I've attached several screen shots from my...
  5. km-nm

    Cameras Disabled After Windshield Replacement

    We just got our car back from Car Crafters in ABQ after a windshield replacement. The rear camera still works fine but the front camera (and the 2 side cameras!) do not. Unfortunately, Car Crafters is closed until Monday, so I've been looking for a way to reset/fix thing myself. More info...
  6. J

    Cabin Camera

    Does anyone know whether the tiny camera inside the cabin right above the rear view mirror is functional? Is “big brother” watching our driving behavior, along with our passengers? The owners manual has a reference to “cabin camera” but it’s a dead link.