1. Taney71

    Questions about Buying a Tesla in Michigan in 2021

    I'm going to likely buy a Model Y sometime this year and I live in Michigan. I already have a Model 3 that I bought back in 2018 but that was before the Tesla and state of Michigan lawsuit settlement. The settlement has been awesome for me because Tesla opened up the Detroit-Clarkston service...
  2. E

    Used Model S buying guidance

    Hello members-I'm new to the forum and looking to buy my first tesla. I'm looking for your guidance on things to look out for and any recommendations. Some details are below a. Model S in red, blue or silver color preferably dual motor (75D would be ideal). I am in the Portland metro area with...
  3. B

    Buying Tesla Help Please

    Hello all, brand new to the forum. Hope you're having a good week. Thinking about buying a Tesla Model S Performance (2013). Listed price is $29,800. 71,880 miles. Seems pretty fair, after reading forums/KBB. Could probably haggle down a bit. Not a "car guy", so here is the listing...